Tutorial topics

6 03 2007

The tutorial presentation topics correspond to the weekly lecture subjects.

Students will give a 10-minute presentation and submit a short tutorial paper of 500-1000 words (the week after the presentation).

The presentation format is open to creative interpretation if students wish to create a video, animation, do a performance, create a blog or make a web site, all are ok, just discuss with me beforehand.


1. Cultural Practice
2. Cultural Meanings
3. Identity
4. Celebrity in cyberspace
5. Cultural mythologies
6. Real stories in New Media
7. Fashionable Communication
8. Virtual Reality: Animation
9. Virtual Reality: Gaming
10. Virtual Communities
11. Cyber Worlds

Please decide on a topic and let me know in the Week 4 tutorial.




2 responses

6 03 2007

Do you have a short description or explanation of any of these topics?

7 03 2007
nina sian

The topics relate to the weekly lecture: have a look in the course guide on WebCT and see what week the topic corresponds to. All the weekly readings are now available, so you can get the correct readings for that topic as a starting point.

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