All about X, 0 and 1 – interviews with women about digital media, culture, time and space

5 07 2011

Mediakult is very happy to announce that over the coming months there will be a series of interviews with women artists, writers, curators and innovators. All about X, 0 and 1 is the title of the project, and is deliberately broad to  explore a wide range of issues across the field of digital media and technology –  arts creation, curatorship, collaboration and discourse.

I often think of the digital media arts environment as a place that I used to call home but is now primarily an after hours pursuit. My technical skills and research background has led from creative practice to e-government – focusing on open source, web usability, accessibility and Gov 2.0 advocacy.

What I started to notice from the fringes  is how many other people’s careers have shifted in terms of focus over the years. When I think back to when I started to experiment with digital media in the mid 1990s there was some amazing work being done by women artists, thinkers and commentators – exploring space, identity, the body, activism, software and hardware. Many of these women continue to innovate within the context of digital arts and culture, while just as many have shifted focus to other areas where they continue to innovate.

The invited participants are all pioneers in their own right – pushing the boundaries of thinking and practice about different forms of media and technology and it’s place in contemporary society. These women have all made significant contributions over many years to the broad genre of ‘new’ media art in a diverse range of ways.

Confirmed participants include Deborah Kelly, Mez Breeze, Renee Turner, Sarah Jane Pell, Erica Seccombe, Linda Carroli, Julianne Pierce, Jo-Anne Green, Helen Thorington, Renate Ferro, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Alexandra Gillespie, Di Ball and more.

The theme ‘All about X, 0 and 1’ is deliberately vague to allow the conversations to take their own form though a process of collaboration.

All about X, 0 and 1 is also looking for interviewees – if you think you would like to participate please email me at bytetime at gmail dot com.




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