Rescoping Mediakult

27 07 2012

I have been considering the role of the Mediakult blog  a lot over the past year. The blog started out as a teaching resource for students enrolled in ‘Media Cultures’ units at the Australian National University in 2007. From this starting point I have used the blog to broadly discuss topics that relate to ‘media cultures’, to look at media art, review conferences and events and comment on media ‘trends’.

But what exactly is ‘media cultures?’ Is it just a discussion around online communities and their various nuanced personae – e.g. FOSS, Gov 2.0, etc? Or is it about the exponential rise in online careers – online marketing, SEO, content strategy, analysis, strategic communications and the like? The answer is yes, to both questions.  But one of the intentions of Mediakult after it morphed from being a student resource, was to explore all kinds of creative and communications media to determine how they are dependent on each other to achieve successful outcomes. By focusing on the inter-connecting media channels and the relationship between the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’ (online), I was provided with the opportunity to  continue my 17+ years research into the social,cultural and creative implications of  being ‘cross connected’ , best realised in my PhD thesis.

One observation I have made over recent years is the incredible diversity of terminology that gets thrown around when we talk about online engagement – the semantics change according to the skills/role of the person who is communicating.  A simple example of this is the recent article on Motherboard titled The Web is not the Internet (You’re probably getting that wrong. I guess that is why it is so important that techies need to work with communicators – not just to get the message out, but also to make sure the client understands what they want. Perhaps the topic of terminology should be explored in a later post?

Anyway, dear reader, I would like to offer you the opportunity to be more actively involved in Mediakult going forward. For example,  you can email me suggestions for future blog topics, book reviews, new APIs, TV show, hardware, software, interviews, art and film reviews.  Also, is anyone interested in being a guest blogger for a month? Are there some projects you would like to promote on Mediakult? What would you like me to write about?

I have a lot of ideas about how I would like this blog to evolve, but ultimately it is up to you, the reader, to determine what you would like to see from Mediakult.

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂




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