Resources for Public Relations students and professionals

7 11 2013

Recently I did a scan of recent articles and texts focused on current best practice and theory in the broad field of media and communications.

One list I came across recently was very useful – A Partial Reading List for PR Students, mainly targeted at students with some very good resources.

Another one worth a look is Public Relations: Theory and Practice, a text designed to understand the varying roles for Communications and PR professionals. The text is targeted to students providing information on a broad range of communications areas including digital strategies and community relations. The description states that:

They show how to develop effective public relations strategies and tactics and explain how to research, run and evaluate a successful public relations campaign. Drawing on a range of communication and public relations theories they discuss how to work with the media and how to use print, electronic and other forms of communication for maximum impact.

There is so also a lot of information about writing for online audiences, which I think is a critical area of communications and public relations. Check out this article from 4syllables titled Managing distributed publishing, part 1: The challenges.

Here is some other good posts about PR resources:

A comment from one of the posts also mentioned that “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Burger, is a “great book” on viral marketing based on research. Might be worth a look.

Anyway, lots out there!

Some new ones to read and some which would be worth a revisit 🙂



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