A Dictator’s Guide to Urban Design

24 02 2014

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Ukraine’s Independence Square, and the revolutionary dimensions of public spaces.

Tracey M Benson‘s insight:

Very interesting article about public spaces transformed by public protest.

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How Time Gallops – Happy Horse Year!

16 02 2014

Happy Horse Year – 1st post of the year on Geokult


I just realised last week that it had been two months since writing a blog post. So much has been happening – the end of year break spent visiting family and then launching into 2014 with lots of projects on the horizon.

Maps of the Imaginary - Headland, © Tracey Benson 2014 Maps of the Imaginary – Headland, © Tracey Benson 2014

In my spare time, I seem to be splitting myself between two main activities – making little maps out of old CDs and writing a story. The story started out as just a brain dump of thoughts that might become a short story, but now it is 8,000 words and still growing! Some months ago, I had a conversation with good friend Linda Carroli about the nature of writing on my mediakult blog. At the time, Linda suggested that perhaps just writing something for myself would take me out of the realm of thinking and commenting about…

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