More confessions of an online hoarder

22 03 2014

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I have a confession to make. Last week I wrote a blog about the need to consolidate my online profile so it is more manageable. The blog was titled Confessions of an online hoarder, which seemed to be an apt description of my online activity.

Today, our new blog titled Geokult Travel, which focuses on travel and travel writing went live. Over the past couple of years, my partner Martin and I have been discussing ways we can promote our skills and move closer towards doing the things we love to do. For me, I have a real passion for a few things: online environments, exploring emerging communications technologies and something else –  travel. Over the last few years, I have contributed articles and maps to a number of sites including Everytrail and Tripadvisor. Along the way, many people have told me that my…

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Why is my app cr@p?

14 03 2014

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It is no surprise that one of the largest ways that people are viewing online content is via mobile and hand-held devices. The Australian Communications and Media Authority stated that “Smartphones are increasingly core to Australians’ communications choices, with 11.19 million smartphone users in Australia at May 2013, up 29 per cent since May 2012.”

commsreportchart51 gif*Relates to use of the internet via a mobile phone handset each year during the month of June.

Source: ACMA Communications report 2012–13. (Fig. 5.1)

This switch to mobile and hand-held devices has created an increased demand from users (audiences and consumers) for mobile ready content, spawning an exponential increase in app development.

As with the rise of websites in the 90s and early noughties, there is evidentially a wildly diverse range of approaches, resulting in some fantastic apps as well as some duds. I…

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Cross-media Challenges

12 03 2014

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Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

This post could also be called Cross-media schizophrenia: managing multiple channels online. Why, you may well ask?

Since the advent of Web2.0, I have been an avid collector of channels, it started with designing a blog, creating a delicious library, creating profiles on twitterscribdflickridenticaslideshare instagram, pinterestfacebook and the list goes on… Now I have multiple blogs, a number of Facebook pages and not enough time to manage all these channels!!

Sometimes I do not look at these profiles for months and when I do, it is a complete surprise. For example, I went to SlideShare recently and saw that I have had over 8,000 document views, of which over 2,600 people had viewed my 2010 presentation New Media Art, The Law and Activism. On Scribd, my PhD thesis has had over 2,500 views and another 2010 paper…

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19th Century Ship Routes

10 03 2014

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“Ben Schmidt, assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, has visualized the routes of 19th Century ships using publicly available data set from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The resulting image is a hauntingly beautiful image that outlines the continents and highlights the trade winds. It shows major ports, and even makes a strong visual case for the need for the Panama and Suez Canals.”

Tracey M Benson‘s insight:

Beautiful data visualisation of 19th century ships using publicly available data set from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

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Connecting the dots – art, life and work

10 03 2014

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One of the things I find challenging is how do I describe myself to other people as I seem to have a number of interests that seem at first glance, separate and unrelated. I work in government and education sectors, am a freelance online engagement specialist and have an active practice as an artist and writer. To be honest, for a number of years these diverse parts of my life created a lot of personal angst, as I felt I was losing my identity as an artist.

More recently, I have realised that my worlds are not disparate, they are in fact strongly connected and that one world informs the other. My work with environment and sustainability programs has fed into my passion for place and identity in my creative work. My teaching is directly related to the media I use as an artist as well as in my government…

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