Words for Water Talk at Waterwheel Symposium

1 06 2014

A update on the Words for Water project.


In March this year, I presented a talk about the ongoing project Words for Water as part of the Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium. Just this weekend some documentation of the presentations has been published on Flickr – #23 session – 3WDS14 – BEYOND LANDMARKS.

Here is one of the screen shots – not very flattering though 🙂

You can check out other posts about this project under the tag Words for Water,

Please contact me if you would like to contribute to the Words for Water project.

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2 responses

15 06 2014

Cheers Tracey –
I saw you were interested in guest posting on Life in Russia blog about Australia. I have a section on my blog called the Expat Files and would like to invite you to query me if interested; I would love to have a post from your part of the world. (You don’t have to be an expat just write about something of multicultural interest.) You can contact me at: http://cindamackinnon.wordpress.com
by clicking on “About Author” and scrolling down to the comment section.
P.S I was involved in a Words for Water project here in northern California as a Friend of Orinda Creeks.

16 06 2014

Thanks Cinda – very humbled by your invitation – will be in touch via your blog 🙂

I ended up writing a post about our travels in Turkey on “Life in Russia” about a month ago. I will try and find the link.


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