Social Media and Our Rights

21 07 2013

Reblog from Yeni Medya , social media and human rights

Yeni Medya

      The UN and some international organizations have declared the Internet as the main tool of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. The Internet and social media are indispensable for the individual to progress, for the individual to take part in society and for a sustainable democracy. Around the whole world masses demand access to information, transparency and participative democracy.

      The Freedom of expression, the freedom to protest and privacy are fundamental human rights. Freedom of expression also consists of dissent. However, defamation, hate speech and call for violence are not included in freedom of expression.

      Social media have changed communication and organization styles considerably. Social media are not a “menace” to society, but in the contrary, they are group of tools that are highly valuable for the society.

      The use of social media is not an illegal act…

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