Where to? Steps Towards the Future of Walking Arts Symposium

21 03 2015

New post about forthcoming Walking symposium

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

On 16 April, I will be tuning in via Skype to participate as a presenter in the Where to? Steps Towards the Future of Walking Arts Symposium hosted by Falmouth University in the UK.

My talk Where to: Finding Ghosts to Look both Ways will focus on the augmented reality walking projects and recent collaborative work with developer Aruna Sankaranarayanan to create an open source platform for AR walks.

Aura #1 Aspinwall House, © Tracey Benson 2014 Aura #1 Aspinwall House, © Tracey Benson 2014

At the “Where to?” symposium I will present some documentation of my walking projects that have incorporated Augmented Reality technology to explore the city/site in different ways. So far a number of projects have been undertaken in collaboration with local historians, researchers and software developers. These walks have happened in a range of places – Dunedin, Auckland, Copenhagen, Kochi. The overarching title for these walking works is “Finding Ghosts” as I often…

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Augmented Reality Intervention for Long Time, No See

7 10 2014

New walking projects afoot 🙂

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Linking projects and practices: intervening and expanding works

I was recently invited by friend and long-time collaborator Linda Carroli, to consider a project she has been working on, through a similar process to what I have explored in a number of augmented reality walks.

The project Linda has been involved in, Long Time No See (LTNS), is a project combining the development of an iOS app, a large-scale installation and a series of workshops and presentations. The project is based on a Fieldbook (PDF), largely developed by Linda to engage walkers in their local community. A number of artists including Keith Armstrong as Creative Director, Gavin Sade, Roger Dean, Rob Henderson and others have worked collaboratively on the project so far and it has a significant physical presence at the Queensland University of Technology, The Cube space.

Linda was interested to see how I would interpret the Fieldbook to…

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Summary: ADA Mesh Cities Symposium

16 09 2014

A list of my articles from ADA Mesh Cities Symposium in Auckland

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Well, we are back home now after a week of meeting with some great people, creating projects and participating in ADA Mesh Cities. Over the week I have published a number of posts about the symposium and my project Finding the Ghosts of K Road.

Check out the following articles:

I hope these posts go a little way in conveying how wonderful this event was.

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The Tour: Finding the Ghosts of K Road

6 09 2014

About Tracey’s latest Augmented Reality project being presented in Auckland next week

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

This article documents the waypoints of the tour of Karangahape Road titled Finding the Ghosts of K Road being presented as part of the ADA Mesh Cities Symposium in Auckland in September 2014.

You don’t have to be in Auckland to experience this work. You can also use the app with the landmark building images in this blog post.

*Note: This work is still in progress – any feedback would be welcomed.

Technical specifications

Finding the Ghosts of K Road uses augmented reality, and to view it you must have an internet enabled mobile device running iOS
or Android (tablet or smartphone). You must also have the “Aurasma” app installed.
To install Aurasma:

  • Search for and download the “Aurasma” app in Google Play or the Apple App Store.
Launch the app, click on the “A” symbol at the bottom of the screen, then click on the
magnifying glass icon.
  • In the search…

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365 Places: Karangahape Road

31 08 2014

A post about the forthcoming project “Finding the Ghosts of K Road”

Geokult Travel

Day 88: Karangahape Road, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

In an earlier post, I spoke about a forthcoming augmented reality project that I will be presenting as part of the ADA Mesh Cities Symposium in Auckland. The project titled Finding the Ghosts of K Road will explore Auckland’s oldest street, hopefully uncovering some of the ghosts of the past though the imagery of the old photographs of the streetscape.

Tivoli Theatre: Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1-W1606 Tivoli Theatre: Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1-W1606

Something that has been really wonderful about developing this project is the help and support I have received from some of my artist friends, who have generously shared stories about K Road. For example, Trudy Lane shared some very interesting information about some of her ancestors who lived in the area. The story below is very sad about the loss of a number of her ancestors. Trudy writes:

My Great Great Grandfather…

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365 Places: Connecting Nodes

17 08 2014

Thoughts about connected worlds.

Geokult Travel

Day 80: Finding more connections.

A friend recently sent me a blog post which had relevance to some of my earlier posts about making connections between worlds: especially my post about the Yorta Yorta people and their work with scientists in Barmah National Park.

Making connections Making connections

This particular post titled tcg’s 10 ways Social Media and Sustainability Align in the Corporate World by Alasdair Munn focuses on how social media and environmental sustainability have some synergies that align in the corporate world. Very interesting connection I must say and one that resonated for me. The blog post was inspired by another post about these two topics by Max Gladwell titled, Ten Ways that Social Media and Sustainability Align.

Munn says:

Most definitions for social media focus on its technologies; however this is a very static and limited view. At tcg we acknowledge that social media is a growing phenomenon enabled through…

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Summary of KM Australia 2014 (Crossing Borders)

27 07 2014

A summary of the recent KM Australia Congress

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

A PDF version of this summary is also available.

I was invited to speak on a panel at the Knowledge Management (KM) Australia Congress in Sydney 22-23 July. The panel was focused on KM across organisational functions and chaired by Brigid Costello from Comcare. The other panel members included Alice Balnaves-Knyvett (Alrosa Services) and Luke Grange from Yammer (Microsoft). We were invited because of our experience across a range of sector areas and how this experience has contributed to how we share knowledge and build capacity in our workplaces. We were also invited as we are not ‘knowledge managers’ explicitly by trade. Brigid was particularly interested in my work as a media artist and researcher and how this “crossed borders” and informed my work in the public sector.

The conference covered a broad range of topics through the frame of “crossing borders”. There was a diverse representation from private…

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Words for Water Talk at Waterwheel Symposium

1 06 2014

A update on the Words for Water project.


In March this year, I presented a talk about the ongoing project Words for Water as part of the Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium. Just this weekend some documentation of the presentations has been published on Flickr – #23 session – 3WDS14 – BEYOND LANDMARKS.

Here is one of the screen shots – not very flattering though 🙂

You can check out other posts about this project under the tag Words for Water,

Please contact me if you would like to contribute to the Words for Water project.

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Digital travel photography

22 04 2014

Post from geokult-travel about travel photography

Geokult Travel

Discovering your personal vision

2014© Garry Benson

Digital Travel Photography with Garry Benson Digital Travel Photography with Garry Benson

I first picked up a camera at the age of seven, and that’s over fifty years ago. To say the least, technology has changed. Books in my personal library that deal with equipment from ten or more years ago have very little bearing on today’s automated digital cameras, lenses and flashes.

Yes, the fundamentals of setting exposures via shutter, lens aperture and ISO speeds are still relevant, but technology has provided us with instant feedback and hopefully a new way of thinking about making our images better. Moreover, sophisticated software programs like Photoshop have allowed photographers to finish their images as they had envisioned it in their mind’s eye.

However, there is one constant that doesn’t change but rather evolves and that is personal vision. I loosely describe personal vision as the manner in which each of…

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Want to see some art works?

14 04 2014

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

A majority of my work in recent years has focused on social media, writing and education. However, I was trained as a visual artist and I continue to create works as an artist. I use a broad range of media including digital photography, online media, video and augmented reality to create installations and real space experiences.

Here are some examples of some of my creative work from the last 20 years.

My Gallery page will be kept up-to-date with documentation of art projects.

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